PalladinGold™. Ideal alternative to white gold.
PalladinGold 950
Noble colour wuthout a rhodium plating
The PalladinGold™ is the registered trademark that produces jewellery made of an innovative palladium alloy. PalladinGold™ 950 contains 95% of palladium and possesses improved mechanical properties.

Thanks to the increased hardness, jewellery made of PalladinGold™ 950 preserves its original appearance for longer due to fewer scratches& It also does not require rhodium plating.
PalladinGold™ 950
- 95% palladium;
- Strictly regulated composition;
- Hypoallergenic;
- Increased hardness;
- Noble colour;
- No rhodium plating;
- Tints: white.
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