Colour palette
No need for coloured platings anymore.
Pure alloy equals pure colour.
The change of colour is possible due to intermetallic compounds and special treatments.
The Bureau of Innovative Jewellery Alloys and Creative Design Ideas is happy to announce its recent and breathtaking project: alloys colour palette. Our Bureaг has conducted many experiments and obtained repeatable and stable results. We are able to change the colour of our platinum alloy itself, without using any platings, which is possible due to intermetallic compounds and special treatments.
One of the ideas that forms the basis of the creation of our alloys is the refusal to use any types of coatings, as they tend to wear off over time. This is possible due to the principle of the intermetallic hardening that increases the hardness and the resistance of the alloys, which, in its turnt, helps preserve the orginal look of pieces.

We carried out additional research and found out that intermetallic compounds in the composition, if treated in a special way, could make an alloys change its colour.

We have used platinum as the first base-metal. Once we get more colours and make sure the technology works perfectly, we will develop same palettes for other precious metals.

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