Sacris Aurum 958 (23K). The alloy of the Egyptian gods.
Sacris Aurum™ 958 (23K)
Closest to the ideal
Sacris Aurum™ is a trademark that produces jewellery of innovative gold alloys. Sacris Aurum™ 958 (23K) is an alloy that contains 96% of gold and possesses enhanced mechanical properties.

Sacris Aurum™ 958 (23K) is as close as possible to pure gold 999 (24K) in fineness and colour, but at the same time has increased hardness.
Sacris Aurum™ Yellow
- 96% of gold;
- Strictly regulated composition;
- Hypoallergenic;
- Increased hardness;
- Noble colour;
- Tint: noble yellow
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